Engineering Constructions

Power Lines

Power line construction

Narva-Bark carries out the production of reinforced concrete poles and structures for the construction of a network of transmission lines and substations. We offer concrete products and structures for the construction of high-voltage power lines.

Concrete products for energy objects construction

Power Substation

Electrical power substation construction

Narva-Bark produces unified reinforced concrete completing parts for power substations. One of our specialties is fabrication of beams, columns, pillars, foundation slabs, precast concrete trenches and other reinforced concrete products for substations.

Unified concrete products for power substations


Underground communication construction

Narva-Bark produces reinforced concrete component parts for precast trench products: cable troughs and service ducts, also sewer manholes and special types of wells.  

Сoncrete products for underground communication

Wells of cable communication

Special types of wells

Inspection Chambers





and other


General Construction

Landscape Elements

Other Concrete Products

Building Materials