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Move your business to our location or open a new one!

Narva-Bark offers to businessmen to rent the warehouses, industrial and office facilities from 20 up to 2500 square meters for implementation of various activities - storages of goods or materials, accommodations of manufacture on the territory Narva-Bark enterprise.

Main types of activities

Our industrial workshops allow you to perform the following types of activities:

  • metalworking,

  • woodworking,

  • machine-assembling works,

  • welding,

  • car repairs,
  • tailoring and other types of works 


  • The industrial and office facilities (some of the warehouses) are equipped with electricity and hot water central heating, also with the central water supply and sewerage, as well by the central hot water supply.

  • Office spaces are also equipped with an Internet and telecommunications connectivity.

  • Protected territory.

  • Railway branch goes through Narva-Bark territory.
  • Employers can placed own manufacture, but also to have a possibility to store own materials and products.