Narva-Bark AS won the award in nomination: "The Best Employer of Narva City 2012" on the competition: "Narva Entrepreneur 2012".

Our market share is up to 10%

Narva-Bark is one the largest manufacturers of concrete products in Estonia with rich labor history which has begun in 1958. The company products are well known and have a high reputation among consumers of the building complex. Currently Narva-Bark AS produces up to 10% of reinforced concrete production on the Estonian market.


  1. The market strategy of the company's management - as much as possible to improve the manufacturing process to ensure high-quality products, relying not only on investment, but also on the wealth of experience and knowledge of its employees, to ensure the production of competitive and quality products.
  2. Narva-Bark products are considered to be one of the best in Estonia and are used during the construction of the strategic industrial, infrastructural and residential projects.  We work to build long-term and reliable cooperation with our customers, providing them with high-quality products and services.
  3. The satisfaction of our customers - that is the main task and mission of the company. Our company is a competent and reliable partner.  All our customers can always be sure in our assistance, support and obtain advice from our side.

Meet Our Team

Viktor Istratov

Director General

Phone: ​ +(372) 3591872

Elena Istratova

Assistant To Director General

Cell: +(372) 53543725

Phone/Fax:  +(372) 3561656

Valeri Istratov

Commercial Director

Cell: +(372) 53020719

Svetlana Judina

Chief accountant
Cell: +(372) 55620216

Vladimir Strekalov

Technical Director

Cell: +(372) 53414114

Our partners trust us 

& recommend us to their clients

Mapri Ehitus OÜ

Address:  Valukoja 10, 11415 Tallinn

Phone: +372 608 7222


Address:  Lõõtsa 12, 11415 Tallinn

Phone:  +372 663 5600

Eventus Ehitus OÜ

Address: Pärnu mnt. 141, Tallinn 11314

Phone: +372 662 2700

Phone: +372 662 2701



Address: Harjumaa, Tallinn, Pärnu mnt 158/1, 11317

Phone: +372 615 4400


Maru Ehitus

Address: Järvevana tee 5, 10132 Tallinn
Phone: +372 657 5850

Rand ja Tuulberg

Address:  Sõbra 54, Tartu 50106

Phone:  +372 740 8310
Fax:       +372 740 8320

Astlanda Ehitus

Address:  Tammsaare tee 60, 11316, TALLINN
Phone:  +372 6988 000
Fax:        +372 6988 001

AS Ehitustrust

Address: Paju 2, 50603, Tartu

Phone: +372 735 2266


AS Connecto Eesti

Address: Tuisu 19, 11314, Tallinn

Phone: +372 606 3100


Objects Completed

In recent years, using products Narva-Bark, were built metalworking plant «Metalliset Eesti», the shopping centers «Prisma», «Fama», logistical warehouses of Russian companies industrial park «Kadastiku», the shopping center «Selver» in Tartu, and residential building in Tallinn city and a lot of other objects.

Video Presentation

Narva Bark AS – Tour 

Narva Bark AS – 6 decades

The Best Employer of Narva City 2012