Producing Concrete Products of the Highest Quality

The quality of our products and satisfied customers are the basis of our reputation and marketing.  The goal of each of our employees is the production of high-quality product.

Quality Control

Quality is an important indicator of the company activity.  Company’s laboratory monitors the quality of the product determines the qualitative characteristics of crushed stone, cement, metal, and also monitors the physical and mechanical properties of the finished product.  

The laboratory is certified and has licenses for carrying out controls and also has the necessary equipment.

Quality Policy

  1. Activities of our plant are aimed at the development of the construction industry to increase customer satisfaction by providing a secure and stable product quality. 
  2. The main objective of the implementation of the quality policy is to produce products that meet regulatory requirements and customer requirements.
  3. Factory workers consider the quality of the product is a major criterion in demand and in this respect much is being done to ensure that the products of the plant were competitive.
  4. The company provides constant control over the quality of incoming materials, as well as control on all stages of production.