General Construction

Narva-Bark AS manufactures foundation elements pursuant to the requirements stipulated in standard EVS-EN 14991:“Precast concrete products. Foundation elements” and standard EVS-EN 13369 “Common rules for precast concrete products”.

Reinforcing steel is used conforming to the requirements of the standard EVS-EN 10080 “Steel for the reinforcement of concrete. Weldable reinforcing steel”.

The properties of concrete used for manufacturing of the foundation elements meet the requirements stipulated in standard EVS-EN 206-1 “Concrete. Specification, performance, production and conformity”. 

The product is accompanied by quality documentation – a declaration of performance meeting the requirements of CPR EU no. 305/2011. (DoP-Declaration of Performance)

Foundation Piles

Standards. Narva-Bark manufactures concrete foundation piles pursuant to the requirements stipulated in standard EVS-EN 14991:2007 “Precast concrete products. Foundation elements”.

Piles material: reinforced concrete

Piles length: up to 28 meters

Cross-section:  Narva-Bark produces reinforced concrete piles with a variety of cross sections and lengths in accordance to customer's needs. 300 x 300 мм is the most popular cross-section of piles in Estonia.

Construction type:  we produce concrete piles and concrete piles splices.

Reinforced concrete pile

Reinforced precast concrete piles


Standards. Narva-Bark AS produces reinforced concrete columns square or rectangular cross-section according to the standard EN 13225: 2013 "Linear structural elements" and EVS-EN 13369 "General rules for precast concrete products' requirements.

Cross-section: maximum size of cross-section 1000x1000 mm.

Length:  maximum size of columns length up to 30 meters.

Weight: maximum product weight up to 50 tons.

Constructive decisions. Columns can be manufactured with a variety of designs of consoles. In this case, the console could be located in any column on four sides, each side of, or absent. Steel consoles, developed by Peikko, Anstar and other companies are allowed to use to execute hinged connections between columns and beams.

Reinforced concrete columns

Foundation Elements

Narva-Bark manufactures reinforced concrete foundation elements of any degree of complexity - from the simplest (foundation blocks for external walls) to the most complex multi-level foundations.

Column shoes

Foundation plates

Foundation beams

Foundation blocks

Building Elements

Our reinforced concrete structural elements of buildings consist of designed and assembled frame structures, beams and cross-bars, stairs and stairs elements, wall slabs and as well front panels (facades).


Stairs elements

Wall slabs

Front panels 

and other ​


Engineering Construction

Landscape Elements

Other Concrete Products

Building Materials